Fantastic album. The music is superb, and the musicianship extraordinary. A wonderful, and masterful, example of Brazilian jazz. Parabens!


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Five Stars: *****

Ready for the Brazilian Olympics

(a taste of jazz-samba-bossa)
By Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Writer

July 6, 2016
Format: MP3 Music

Composer, songwriter, arranger and guitarist Sergio Pereira offers Swingando. The Album is an expression of growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the 60’s and 70’s with a fresh sound of today’s Brazilian Jazz. The songs will take you on a journey of various Brazilian moods: from sipping a ‘Caipirinha’ by the quiet sunset of Leblon Beach to the powerful rhythms of modern Jazz Bossa. Recorded in New York City and Sao Paulo (Brazil), the album includes world-class musicians.

The ensemble is Sergio Pereira, acoustic and electric guitar, composer, voice, Marcus Teixeira, guitar, Helio Alves, piano, Nilson Matta, bass, Mauricio Zottarelli, drums, Duduka da Fonseca, drums, Claudia Villela, voice, Itaiguara Brandao, bass, Felipe Silveira, keyboards, Osmario Marinho, drums, Felipe Fidelis, bass, Olivia Foschi and Candida Borges, voice.

 The tracks are as follows:
Chega Ai, Let It Out, My Girls, Swingando, Leblon, Ela
and Spring

It sparkles, glows, and sweeps you onto the dance floor. This is a perfect appetizer for the Brazil Olympics. 

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New York is home to a vibrant Brazilian community of musicians, some of whom join guitarist-composer Sergio Pereira in this stirring album of Brazilian jazz. Drummers Duduka da Fonseca , Mauricio Zottarelli, and Osmano Marinho share percussion duties, while Helio Alves is at the piano, and depending on tracks, the bass is played by Nilson Matta, Itaiguara Brandao, or Felipe Fidelis. (da Fonseca, Matta, and Alves have recorded albums as a trio.) Rounding out the supporting musicians are Marcus Teixeria on electric guitar, keyboardist Felipe Silveira, and vocalists Claudia Villela, Olivia Foschi, and Candida Borges. Pereira's tunes are lyrical and sweet, as his Let It Out and Leblon, but the tempo and mood are upbeat, whether samba or bossa. The music has the quality of being East Coast sophisticated while conjuring up the long, warm beaches of Rio and its smiling Carioca spirit. This album provides joyous, relaxed listening, perfect to close out a work day or begin an exciting evening. 40 pleasurable minutes that go by far too fast.